Monday, August 18, 2014

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Saturday night, we finally made it to a Durham Bulls game! Paxton has been asking to go to a "bees-ball game" for weeks now, so we knew it was time. 

We were excited on the way to the game. 
We ate at Que before the game. 
Then we headed inside!
Paxton saw the playground and wanted to do that. Then we went to the mist tent...we actually spent very little time actually watching baseball. 
The playground was by the ice cream stand, and as soon as Paxton saw a kid with a cone, our fate was sealed. 
Finally, at the bottom of the 7th we made it to our seats. 

After the game, there was a fireworks display. They shot them off from Center Field directly in front of was loud. 
Paxton had a blast and was already asking to go back as we were leaving. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

July/August Oklahoma Trip--the Lake

Every summer, my family meets at Jared's dad's lake house Lake Tenkiller. We always have a blast. With the move to NC, we weren't sure if this would be a tradition we could keep, but the stars aligned and Jared had a meeting he had to be at in the OKC office in July. We made the plans! We decided to stop at the lake on the way in since it would cut about 2 hours off of our drive the second day. 

We got to the lake on Thursday and my family wasn't coming until Friday night, so Grandpa Mark and Stephanie met us there to hang out and see the boys. 

It was a long trip...

Porter wasted no time finding his spot...which just happened to be on the bottom shelf of this table...
He climbed in every chance he got. On Friday, we went out on the lake with Grandpa Mark and Stephanie. Porter wasn't sure about the wind in his face...
This was his first year to get in the lake so we had to document:
That night, my family came with fireworks! Paxton was a little apprehensive. 
The next morning was lots of snuggles and attention and donuts for these boys. 

We got ready and hit the lake. 
Porter's theme of the trip was snacking. His life jacket made him grumpy and snacks were the only remedy. 
He found the cheese popcorn...
Paxton had a blast. He stayed in the water pretty much the whole day. We had to force him to come onto the boat to re-apply sunscreen and make him eat and drink. 
Jared bribed him to jump off the Lily Pad with the promise of a fire truck. Paxton wanted a fire truck so he jumped!

That night, we went out for our annual dinner at Soda Steve's. 
The next morning was the breakfast buffet and packing and more snuggles. Then it was time to go. 
But there were no tearful goodbyes because we were on our way to OKC!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Taking Over Daddy's Office

We went to visit Jared at work today before we went to our weekly Friday lunch. Let's just say it was a good thing none of his co-workers were there...

Things started out fine. Paxton called Gramsy on the phone to talk about where we should go eat and to ask her when she was coming to see him...while taking notes with his favorite smelly markers. 
It had been about 30 minutes since the last time Porter had food so he completely emptied the diaper bag looking for snacks...
He also scaled the coffee table...while Paxton sat in time out for numerous offenses. 
Then they found a fun tunnel...
It was definitely an adventure. I was relieved when Jared's phone call ended and we could head to Paxton's current favorite place for Friday lunch: Arby's. I think everyone else in the building was relieved too. 

Books, Nuggets, and Paint

Paxton and Porter have fought over toys ever since Porter could move. Lately, they haven't been fighting over books. Paxton will start looking at a book and Porter will scoot closer and closer. I always watch to see how Pax will handle the intrusion and he always smiles at Porter and engages him in the book. 
He points out pictures to Porter and asks Porter where things are and tries to get Porter to say's completely adorable. 

After reading time yesterday, we met our friends at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Paxton was so excited when he saw Ben that he ran across the restaurant screaming and they hugged for about a minute. Then they walked around holding hands...
Porter walked all over the play place and he and Emeline tried really hard to climb up with the big kids. 
Porter fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept through his diaper change. 
After naps, Paxton helped me make some fingerpaint. He has been begging to paint lately, so we did. 
Porter decided to paint with a cracker...
He didn't last long because he hated being dirty. 
Paxton surprised me with how focused and methodical he was. He would use one color at a time and paint a big section of his paper and then move on the the next color. He sat and painted for about 45 minutes and only stopped then because it was dinner time. That's a long time for this busy kid to be focused on one activity!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Porter took his first step a few months ago but staunchly refused to ever take more than one or to stand without holding onto anything. At his 15 month check-up, his doctor said that if he wasn't walking in 6 weeks, she would re-evaluate and see if he needed physical therapy. Less than a week later, he was walking. 

At first I tricked him into walking by having him hold a toy that I was also holding onto. I would then let go and he would take a step or two on his own without realizing it. That built his confidence and two days later, he was walking across the living room!
He still can't stand up without pulling up on something so he will pull up, walk until he falls, then crawl to the closest piece of furniture (or me) and pull up and then walk again. 
I'm still surprised every time I see him sauntering across the room, but I'm so proud of how fast he caught on! He's finally a toddler! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

July in Review

July came and went in a blur. The highlight of this month was our trip to Oklahoma, but that's not all we did. 

Paxton and I baked a cake together and he absolutely loved it. He still talks about it. And I think he loved that he got to lick the beaters. 
We tried a new pizza place, but the TV was on...
We tried a new splash pad...
And celebrated the 4th of July. 
We visited Falls Lake and had a picnic. 
We made the long trip to Oklahoma...
And spent lots of time with family (and ate lots of Braum's ice cream). 
We took our annual family lake trip and Porter got to get in the water for the first time. 
I got the pleasure of sleeping with Porter since we didn't have the pack and play...
When we got back home, we went to the park with our friends. 
And then Uncle Josh and Aunt Candy came to visit!
Months where we get lots of time with our families are always our favorites and they always fly by the fastest.