Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Big News!

The night before Paxton's first day of Pre-K, I was having some symptoms that I have had before. I took a quick trip to Target for some tests and couldn't even wait until morning to find out. I tried one immediately and....

I was so nauseous the first several weeks. I never threw up but I felt bad all day every day. Everyone thought that meant it was a girl, but I just couldn't picture having something besides a boy. 

At my 17 week appointment (the day before the gender reveal ultrasound), the nurse couldn't find the heart beat. She didn't seem worried and said my doctor would be right in and she would probably find it won't no trouble. But I was worried. I hadn't been feeling the baby move and knew I had by this point with Porter. I was texting Jared and my mom and I was mildly freaking out. After about 10 minutes, my doctor came in and she couldn't find it either. She acted totally calm and suggested an ultrasound. I could hear her in the hall knocking on the door of the ultrasound room and asking the nurse if the girl in there was almost done. That's when I knew she was worried too. It was a terrible time to be alone...finally, the room was ready and I went in. She turned the screen away from me and I thought that was for the best...I didn't want to see...almost immediately, she turned the screen back around and told me the baby was moving and then she found the heart beat. We listened to it for a long time and watched it kicking around. Apparently my placenta was between the Doppler and the baby so it was only picking up my heart beat and not the baby's. I know I have an amazing doctor because she was visibly relieved and hugged me and we both had tears in our eyes. We finished the appointment and I told Jared and my mom the good news. I think that scary event got Jared and I more invested in the pregnancy. It hasn't really felt that real yet since we're busy chasing around the P's, but seeing how upset we were at the prospect of losing this baby made us realize how excited we are and how much we love it already. 

The next day was the gender reveal ultrasound! Paxton was at school, so Jared and Porter and I went to Baptist Hospital. The tech took her time looking at the brain and heart and kidneys and measuring the femur...but she finally made it down south. We both knew as soon as we saw...ANOTHER BOY!

We went to Babies R Us (it's tradition) to pick out a little boy outfit. Then we went to the store to get items for our gender reveal party that night (my mom and sisters insisted even though we had just planned on telling everyone immediately). 

When Jared got home from work, it was time to tell the boys if they were getting a brother or a sister. Since Porter had been playing the iPad during the ultrasound, he had no idea. We gave them each a paper bag to open and inside was a ziploc with blue candy. Paxton understood immediately and was so excited he was getting a baby brother! Porter was just excited for candy. 

We went to Chili's for dinner and gave each person a paper lunch sack to open. Since the ultrasound tech had announced "there's a stem on the apple" to let us know that Paxton was a boy, that has been a running joke with the family. Inside each bag was an apple...with a stem! 

We are so excited for another baby boy! We can't wait to bring another tiny bundle in blue pajamas home. 


We found out a few weeks ago that Jared would need to go to Austin for work and since it was somewhere I've been wanting to go, we decided to tag along. We left on a Thursday morning and made it to Fort Worth by lunch time. We stopped at In-N-Out Burger. Paxton LOVED it. He ate his whole meal in maybe 3 minutes which is a record for him. Then he spent the rest of the meal eating off of everyone else's plate. 
We made it to Austin right in time for rush hour so we hit Zilker Park to burn off some energy. The boys had a blast on the playground and throwing rocks into the river. 
As it started getting dark, we started getting hungry so we went to Terry Black's Barbeque for dinner. Paxton decided he wanted to take a picture in front of the sign. 
It was a buffet-style restaurant which is always a hit for us. The boys ate their weight in macaroni and cheese and pickles and Porter loved the turkey. 

When we got to our hotel room, the boys still had a ton of energy and Jared had to get some work done, so we went down to the pool. It was an indoor/outdoor pool with a glass divider between the two, so the pool was freezing! Even Paxton who can swim for hours in water straight from the hose couldn't handle it! We ended up wrapping up in towels and putting our feet in the hot tub. It was their first time to feel the hot tub and they loved it. They really wanted to get in, but settled for dipping their feet and hands in. 

We headed back to the room for warm showers and snuggling up with a movie. Hotel Transylvania is their absolute favorite right now so that's what they watched. 
The next morning, we went to Voodoo Donuts for breakfast. Paxton picked an apple fritter covered in frosting that was approximately the size of his torso. 
After breakfast, Jared had more work to do to get ready for his presentation, so the boys and I went to Mt. Playmore. 
After playing, we stopped and grabbed lunch and headed back to the hotel room for naps. 
That night, we went to Trader Joe's to shop and both boys got to push their own little cart. For dinner, we went to a burger place and then two little boys needed some ice cream. 
We had heard Amy's was a place we couldn't miss and I'm so glad we didn't! It was our favorite part of the trip. We had the best ice cream ever. 
The next morning, we ate breakfast at the fancy buffet at the hotel and then hit the road. We stopped at Buccee's for some snacks and Paxton picked out a gigantic "rainbow" lollipop. 
Porter picked yogurt-covered raisins but decided he would rather eat my sandwich instead. 

We made it to Dallas around 3 and thought we would have plenty of time for a snack at Rainforest Cafe and make it home for the OU game. Well...apparently 3:00 on Saturday is not a slow time at Rainforest Cafe. We had to wait for 45 minutes and then it took forever to get our food. The boys had a blast and loved looking at all the animals. They were a little wary of the thunderstorm, but by then end they even thought that was cool. 
Jared had to watch the first hour of the OU game in the car, but it was worth it! That's somewhere I've always wanted to take the boys and they totally loved it. 

Since we were home on Sunday, we decided to put up the Christmas lights. Our neighbors had put theirs up the weekend before and Paxton had been begging for ours to go up. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Our Halloween celebration started on Friday this year. Paxton had a little ice cream sundae party at school, so Porter and I carried on our tradition of Scary-face pancakes at IHOP. 
Jared got home from his work trip that evening, so after picking him up at the airport, we picked up dinner and a movie and built a fire. We all cuddled up and watched Toy Story of Terror. 
That night, Paxton woke up around 3am with a bad cough, but seemed a little better the next morning. In fact, the first thing he said the next morning when we woke up was, "It's Halloween! It's finally here! I'm so excited!"

We watched a Halloween movie and ate our Johnnie's breakfast in our pajamas. Then it was time for the activity Paxton had been looking forward to, pumpkin painting. 
The boys had a blast and painted for a long time. A bath was the obvious next activity. 

When Porter woke up from his nap, the boys were anxious to get their costumes on. They had been asking to be Buzz and Woody for Halloween since that lake trip when they became obsessed with Toy Story 3. We were thinking Porter would be Buzz because he's shorter in the movie, but they both agreed that Paxton would be Buzz and Porter would be Woody. They thought their costumes were so cool and the whole time they wore them, the called each other Buzz and Woody and wanted us to do the same. 
We stopped by Grandpa Mark's house and then grabbed corn dogs at Sonic on the way back home. We grabbed the wagon and got started! We stopped to see GG because she had presents for the boys. They were so excited about their new trucks and Paxton kept sneaking candy into his bucket the whole time we were there. 
Then we went to Papaw's house to meet Granny V and Aunt Candy and baby Brooks and start trick or treating! Gramsy met us too and we did Papaw's whole street and the cul de sac at the end. By then, people were starting to turn their lights off but the boys wanted to keep going. We started having to walk a lot between houses and it was getting cold and late so we finally gave up. 
They had so much fun trick or treating this year. Paxton came running down each driveway yelling "I said thank you!" And Porter said "can I have candy?" to most people instead of trick or treat...and then at one house, the lady gave him one piece and he looked at her sternly and said "give me another one". Luckily we were there to put a stop to that and remind him that thank you was more appropriate. He was also obsessed with everyone's decorations and would just stop and talk to them about the different things they had and they were all so nice to turn them on or answer his questions about them. It was funny. 

I love how excited they get about holidays. It makes every part so fun. 

Storybook Forest

Since the Mitch Park Trunk or Treat was way too crowded to be any fun, we had to squeeze in something else Halloweenie. We were thinking about Haunt the Zoo, but heard it was more crowded than usual. Then Jared found out he would be out of town the week before Halloween...Granny V volunteered to take his place and go with us to Storybook Forest at Lake Arcadia. It was really crowded when we got there, but they controlled the stream of people pretty well and it wasn't too overwhelming. 
More importantly, the boys had a blast. Porter immediately stopped smiling every time he saw the camera...
He also had his Easter mentality of getting a piece of candy and immediately eating it. I tried to stop him but he got wasn't worth it. A sucker solved the problem. 
Porter thought this spider tunnel was the scariest thing he had ever seen. 

After we walked through the forest, we waited in line for a hayride and then roasted marshmallows and made Smores at the big bonfires. We left smelling like smoke and didn't get home until after 9:00 on a school night, but the boys had a lot of fun and were already asking to go back the next day. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Last weekend was our annual Texas trip for the OU/Texas game. 

Porter started out the trip in good spirits. 
We made it to our hotel around 5 and the boys loved running around and playing. They love hotels. Then it was time to meet up with the Thompson's. We headed to their house and got to meet Baby Breck for the first time! We walked to the clubhouse and had dinner. The boys and Blakely played cornhole and hit some balls and caught crickets while Tabatha and I caught up and snuggled Breck. 
At 9:00, the boys started getting irrational and we knew it was time for bed. They took showers in the coolest hotel shower ever and Porter decided he is too big for the pack and play and he was sleeping with us. We were all asleep by 10:00. The next morning, Jared ran and got donuts and we loaded up and checked out. We went to the Thompson's house to watch the game and cook out. Blakely and Paxton played together perfectly all afternoon. 
When the game was over and Porter woke up, we went to a fall festival. It was so hot and crowded that we ended up leaving almost immediately. The kids were disappointed so we treated them to their favorite, Chick-Fil-A. 

After dinner and ice cream and playing in the play place, it was time for us to hit the road. 

We had a fun time with our best friends and we're always so glad they let us come and hang out with them. It's one of my favorite traditions!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Break

I think we took full advantage of our first official school vacation. Thursday morning, we took it easy. We watched a show in bed and ate breakfast when we were ready. Then we got ready to go to Moore for a play date with the Taylor's! Paxton and Addi Claire play so nicely together and Ellie and Porter just run around and drag stuff out. It's always nice to hang out with them. 

On our way home, Jared called and said he was leaving Norman and had a few minutes to meet for lunch. Since we were so close, we met up with him for lunch (the boys' second lunch) at Old School Bagel. While we were in Norman, I had to swing by Classic's and get a Diet Coke with Gummy Bears. Paxton picked a purple slush and Porter picked a chocolate milkshake and Jared thought I was crazy when I suggested it, but he ended up loving his Coke with Sour Patch Kids. Porter was finished with his shake by the time we dropped Jared back off at his car and both boys were asleep 15 minutes into the car ride home. I completed a successful car nap to house nap transfer on both boys which is totally unheard of and I had some very rare time to myself! 

Paxton was up after 45 minutes and got some kitty snuggles. 
It was so nice outside, so we headed out. Porter gave Cereal a ride in the truck and Jared came home! We grilled out and ate dinner outside. 
Friday morning, the boys slept in a little and we had another lazy morning. We got ready in time to meet Jared for our weekly lunch downtown. Porter wanted to sit by Daddy and it was adorable. 
Friday night means pizza and a movie and since it's October, we're trying Halloween movies. The boys like to watch movies that they've watched 100 times already so Nightmare Before Christmas didn't last long. 

Saturday morning, we told Paxton we were getting ready for breakfast and he requested Johnnie's. Can't argue with that. 
We stopped at Hobby Lobby to "look at scarecrows" and shop for more Halloween decorations. The boys were super excited to see Christmas stuff. 
Porter had been asking to go to the park for a few days, and it is much easier to tackle that with two parents, so Saturday morning was perfect. We tried a new park that Porter and I found duringPaxton's  school one day and we loved it. 
The boys played for over an hour and then noticed that there was a creek with a walking trail and quickly demanded a walk. 
I don't think they ever were going to be ready to leave, but it was definitely lunch time and getting close to OU kickoff so we bribed them with stickers and riding bikes at home. 

After naps, Porter and I ran to Aldi to get ingredients for Smores while Jared and Paxton watched football in the backyard and played. 
After dinner, Jared started a fire in the fire pit and we made Smores. 
Sunday morning, it was the perfect day for the Omniplex. We had a late breakfast and a late start and planned on only staying for about an hour and then getting some lunch. The boys had other plans. They ran around and played for 2.5 hours and were still not slowing down. Finally, Porter started crying over ridiculous things and we knew nap time was getting close. 
We stopped at McDonald's on the way home and then took an exhausted Porter home for a nap. 

We had a relaxing evening and Jared and Pax ran to the grocery store together while Porter and I watched a movie. We had dinner and put our tired boys to bed. 

This morning, Paxton said he just wanted to play all day and since Brooks was here, I thought that sounded perfect. Grammy brought us donuts and the boys have been eating and playing all day.