Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Jared and I made plans to spend Memorial Day Weekend at the lake weeks ago. However, as Friday got closer and the chances of rains kept increasing, we decided to scrap it and spend the weekend at home. 

Friday evening was gray and rainy. It seemed like a good night for fried chicken. Jared and I had been talking about how sad it was that I had never been to the Oklahoma fried chicken when'd, Eischen's. We loaded up the boys and drove 40 minutes on back country roads to Okarche. 
Porter was a huge fan. He loved the fried okra and the chicken. Especially since there was ketchup involved. 
Paxton was offended that the "tator tots" he had been craving had green things inside (they were okra) and he wasn't feeling chicken...but he got a souvenir cup and ate goldfish and raisins so he was happy. 
Saturday was another gray and rainy day...in fact, that was the theme of the entire weekend. Jared brought home some donuts and we let the boys go outside and splash in the puddles during a break in the rain. 
During naptime, Gramsy and the aunts came over. Maesynne brought her new Wii so we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing games, talking and eating cookies. As dinner time rolled around, we flipped on the weather and found out that we were under a tornado watch and a flash flood watch. The news started showing all the roads around us that were flooded so we decided that ordering pizza was the way to go. 

Sunday was another drizzly day. Jared brought in his trombone and let the boys try it out. He amused them with jet noises and car sounds and played them Boomer Sooner. 
We were planning on cooking out for dinner, but once again the weather ruined our plans. We opted for fast food and letting the boys burn some energy by splashing in puddles again. 

By Monday we had to get out of the house. We invited Granny V and Aunt Madi to the Omniplex to play. We stopped for lunch first at Chick-Fil-a and to the boys' absolute excitement, the cow was there! Lots of high fives and a few leg hugs followed. 
We wrapped up the holiday with grocery shopping and a family walk. 
Usually Memorial Day Weekend feels like a start to summer and we put the pool up and spend the whole weekend outside, so this didn't really feel like MDW, but we got to hang out as a family and the boys said they had fun playing outside in the puddles, so we'll call it a win. We'll still be keeping our fingers crossed that next year is sunny. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

2 & 4-year check-ups

Since Paxton and Porter have birthdays only a month apart, I decided to combine their yearly check-ups. I was fully expecting it to be a circus and it kind of was...but we all left with limbs intact and nothing destroyed in the office. 
Paxton was big enough to answer the doctor's questions by himself. She asked him what fruits he liked and he listed "strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, oranges and apples", then she asked him what veggies he liked and he got a big fake smile on his face and said "veggies are yummy!" She asked him if he liked green beans or corn and he said "I like corn dogs"....needless to say she had a little talk with him about the importance of eating his veggies. Then she asked him if he ever drank Sprite or Dr. Pepper or Root Beer and instead of saying "Never!" he said "Daddy drinks beer at night!" I'm sure he was thinking of the Root Beer that Jared hadet Pax have a sip of the night before but that's not how it came out...
Porter decided not to show off for the doctor and just talked like a baby whenever she asked him questions. 
Paxton was 38.2 pounds which put him in the 65th percentile and 3'5" tall which put him in the 60th percentile. 

Porter was 29 pounds which put him in the 62nd percentile and at first measurement was 32 inches (15th percentile) but the doctor re-measured and he was actually 34.5 inches which catapulted him up to the 50th percentile. I was so excited because at 18 months he was only in the 25th percentile, so this was a big jump!

Since they both got shots, we headed to eat lunch with Daddy and treated the boys to a dessert of their choice. Paxton picked an ice cream cone (and has been obsessed with cones ever since)...
...and Porter had his mind set on a milkshake until we got to the counter and he spotted the cookies. Then he had to have one of those. 
I'm so proud of my big boys and their successful check-up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day in Oklahoma was a lot different than last year's celebration in Durham. This year was filled with time with our families! 

Saturday, Porter woke up in a silly mood and was cracking us both up pushing the button on his van with his nose. 
We watched George together and Porter insisted that "Red Mommy" (aka the MALE hotel worker from the Playmobil set) sit on my lap too. 
Jared had to help his dad move so the boys and I drove through to get some donuts with Gramsy, then they headed to her house while I went to a tea party. 
After the boys woke up from their naps, Jared and Paxton ran a last-minute errand and then I got to open my presents. Paxton picked me out a flower and a pot for the porch and Porter "got" turquoise earrings. Then we went to Louie's. 
The next morning, we hosted brunch for Granny V and Aunt Candy (and the rest of the family). Jared made cinnamon rolls and bacon and I scrambled some eggs. 
I wanted a picture with my boys before we left for lunch...
We met Gramsy and my sisters at McAlister's for lunch. 
After lunch, Pax got to drive Aunt Teighynne's car and we headed to Cold Stone. 
Porter even picked me a "Flower". 
After ice cream, Jared took the boys home for naps while I went to hang out at my mom's with my sisters. We stopped by GG's house with Porter then headed home for a cookout. 

I always appreciate Jared so much on Mother's Day. He takes the boys to pick out gifts, has them answer questions about me and takes over all the duties he possibly can. 


Spring is here and with the warmer weather and all of the people to see, we have been staying really busy! 

The boys have become obsessed with their sandbox. Last year they didn't want anything to do with it and this year it's all they want to do. They usually end up throwing sand after about 32 seconds so it doesn't necessarily last long...
We went to the zoo with Addi Claire and Ellie. She told Paxton that her real name was Addison and he said that it wasn't, her name was Addi and she ran to me and told me that he was being unkind because he said her name wasn't Addison. Other than that, they were so cute together and had a blast bossing each other the entire time. 
Jared and I went to an awards dinner for his work and I got a terrible haircut right before it. Good thing I got to wear a helmet in the photo booth. 
Porter has been super clingy lately and I can't say I mind at all. There's not even an ounce of annoyance when he grabs my legs and says "I want to hold you" I just grab him! He likes to sit on the counter while i cook and eat snacks and "help". He loves to sit on my lap on the couch and he likes for me to just carry him around wherever I go. I think it's sweet and I know I'll miss it in 5 seconds when he's totally over me and onto the next thing. 
We went to a PBS event at the Capitol to see Curious George and Daniel Tiger but there were way too many people and the characters kept disappearing so maybe it wasn't worth the trip downtown...
We visited GG and Porter got to open his birthday present. He got a ferry boat that he is totally obsessed with. Now they think whenever they go to her house they get presents since the last two times we have been have been for a brithday. 
Our neighbors gave Paxton a bubble machine for his birthday and they love it. It feels like a straight dose of childhood to crank it up and let them run around in the yard chasing bubbles. It's perfect with a Popsicle chaser. 
Jared had a solo work event one night and I needed to get the joys out of the house so I attempted a solo picnic at the park. These boys don't concentrate well on eating under the most boring of circumstances so not a lot of food got eaten...I think they had fun though. 
Since they mostly fight over toys all day long, I had to capture this sweet moment...
We went out to celebrate Bevynne's 21st birthday and what's a 21st celebration without two little boys? 
Both boys are loving how often we see family. And park trips are so much easier (and more fun) with 6 extra hands. 
On Sunday, our first outing as a family of four two years ago came up, and since the Arts Festival was in town, we knew we had to go. 
The boys have grown just a little bit...
Now that we have a fenced-in yard again, we spend almost every night outside. The boys burn some energy and since we eat dinner outside, the dogs handle the clean-up. 
I told myself I would take Porter's pacifier away when he turned two but I just can't do it. He still looks like a baby when he sleeps and I can't let go of that! 
Spring in Oklahoma means lots of storms...
And last night they were so intense that we headed to Grandpa Mark's house to ride it out since he has a storm shelter. Porter and Brooks kept each other safe. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Porter officially turned two, and just like that we have no babies! 

He woke up to a room filled with balloons, and since Paxton was in there too, it quickly became a crib full of balloons. 
He was excited to open his presents and kept saying that he wanted a brown present. We told him to sit down to open them and he hopped right up on the fireplace and dug in. 
He's at a really fun stage of opening presents where he gets so excited about whatever he opens and he just wants to play with it right then and he totally forgets about the giant pile behind him. His Ninja Turtle cell phone was his favorite thing he opened and he still carries it everywhere. 

After presents he got to pick what he wanted for breakfast and he picked to stay home and eat donuts, so that's what we did. He even got to pick which show we watched (Chuggington). 
We got dressed and headed to the arts festival where the boys shared some peach cobbler and danced to the love music. Then it was time for naps. Paxton had filled the crib with balloons again and Porter had fallen asleep in the car so instead of messing with getting all the balloons out while trying to keep him asleep, I just laid him down on Paxton's bed. He slept there for 3 hours! 

After naps the boys got to run around and play with their new toys for a little while and we got ready for dinner with Gramsy and the aunts. Porter picked Chick-Fil-A. 
After dinner and playing on the playground and a balloon from a very sweet Chick-Fil-A employee, we headed back to our house so Porter could open his presents from Gramsy and his aunts. 
He wanted brownies instead of cake or cupcakes, so that's what we had!
He loved everybody singing to him and blowing out the candles and he asked to do it again as soon as we finished so we did it twice. 
After a bath and some clean jammies, he was way too tired to play anymore so it was bedtime for the sweet birthday boy. 

I can't believe my tiny baby is two now! He has always seemed more like a baby to me than Paxton did at the same age. And even though he's talking in full sentences now, he still likes to snuggle and needs his paci and blankie to sleep and makes me feed him anything that requires a spoon. He calls his mouth his pool and loves to carry around the most random things...for a few weeks it was a ladle. His favorite things are playing outside and reading books. He loves balls and trying to play golf and teeball. He handles the big slides at the park or at Chick-Fil-A like a pro. He knows most of his letters and can count to 5 alone or to 20 if Paxton is helping. He is starting to sing songs and even though he knows the words, he cannot carry a tune. He loves to play the drums (on any surface)and he is starting to stand up for himself against Paxton and let us know exactly what he wants and doesn't want. He is a great eater and will at least try anything out in front of him. His favorites are bananas, fruit snacks, and hummus. He tries to do anything Paxton does and is usually pretty successful. They love each other so much and they also fight over everything. They will seriously start arguments over nothing. Paxton will say something and then tell Porter to argue and they will seriously start arguing about it. He loves dumping stuff out but he also always throws his trash away when he's done with something or clean up a spill. He even walks around the house and picks tiny pieces of trash up and throws them away. He is a climber and is always on top of a chair. He is naughty on purpose sometimes and after he sits in time-out, he always comes straight up to me when he gets up and gives me a huge hug and says "I luff you" through his tears. When I get him out of bed in the morning, he always grabs my cheeks and pulls me in for a kiss. He loves to be held, especially if I'm trying to do housework or get ready quickly...and I can't tell him no because I know he won't want to be held for much longer.