Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dinos and Donuts

We decided to do a combined birthday party for the boys this year since their birthdays are only a month apart and they have all the same friends. They both love donuts and dinosaurs, so that's the theme we went with. 
The party was supposed to be outside and the forecast for Saturday was perfect. Then, Saturday morning we woke up to a gray and rainy and cold morning. We had to move the party inside. 
It was kind of a disorganized mess (in a good way). Everyone just played and hung out and ate and the boys would randomly open a few presents and then get distracted by playing with them and then eventually come back and open more.
About halfway through, we put everything on hold to let the boys blow out their candles. 

Paxton went first:
He loved the attention. And joined in the singing. 
Then it was Porter's turn. He also loved the attention. 
About halfway through the song, he got his mouth all ready to blow his candle out and just waited. 
The boys had a blast playing with all their new toys and all their friends and family that could come! 


This was by far the most fun we've had on Easter! Paxton was so excited about every aspect, the egg dying, the egg hunting, the bunny coming, his bow tie...all of it! 

We dyed eggs a few nights before Easter on a night we had been playing outside so baths were imminent anyway. 
They both completely ignored me saying "be gentle!" over and over and would drop the eggs in from way up high with a giant splash. Porter also ignored my advice to do one at a time. 
Paxton was amazed every time he pulled an egg out and it was dyed. Most of his eggs were brown because he was a firm believer that each color needed to be used for every egg. 
Porter was a dye-covered mess by the end because he dropped his in so forcefully. His eggs were all cracked, some were completely shattered. 
On Easter morning, the boys were up super early and eager to see what the Easter bunny brought. 
Paxton was most excited about his blue Corps guy like Daddy used to have and looking at Porter's stuff...

Porter was especially excited about his ladle (for their kitchen), his tiny stuffed bunny and all the candy. 
We went out to hunt eggs which the bunny had hidden in the back yard and then it had rained all night...so most of the candy was ruined. The boys only cared about opening each egg for the candy and eating it...and since it wasn't even breakfast time yet, we just put a stop to the whole hunt. 

We had cinnamon rolls and got ready...
And headed to Aunt Jojo's house for lunch and another egg hunt!
They were so excited about their bow ties...
Then we went home for naps while Jared played football. When the boys woke up, it was time for Easter at Gramsy's house! There was another egg hunt in the front yard (which the boys were now total experts at and Porter slammed each egg into his basket and yelled "BOOM" and then fell in the driveway and scraped his head and got a bloody lip) and Easter baskets. We ate dinner and watched the boys eat way too much candy. 

It was such a fun Easter! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Paxton's Birthday

Since Paxton's birthday was on Sunday this year, we decided to celebrate all weekend. Saturday morning, we let him pick breakfast (Whataburger for pancakes) and then we went to the park. 
After we had played for a little while, he spied a familiar car. He ran over and saw that it was Gramsy and she had something in her trunk for him! It was a new bike with a basket full of gum! He was so excited to try to ride his bike and have his first gum. 
He loved the horn and the bell and the basket, but he really loved the gum. He swallowed the first few pieces, then after a lot of conversation about the importance of spitting it out, he took a piece, chewed twice and spit it out. Apparently there's a learning curve to the whole gum thing. 

That night was his birthday dinner with my family. We gave him free range to pick and he chose Mazzio's and then chocolate cupcakes with green frosting so that's what we did.

After dinner, we came back home and let him open his presents from his aunts. 
And we sang him happy birthday and he blew out his candles. 
Then while he was playing with his new toys and changing into his new jammies, Daddy and Gramsy snuck off to pick up a big surprise...

OUR NEW VAN!! Paxton could not have been more excited and he totally thought it was a birthday present for him. 
We started a new tradition last year of filling the room with balloons while the birthday boy was sleeping, so on Sunday morning, Paxton woke up to balloons everywhere. He was so excited that he piled them all in Porter's bed and hopped in. 
He had picked cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but before we could eat, he had to open his presents. 
He loved his tractor with a trailer more than anything else but he was excited play with everything. 

We let him pick an activity and he chose the Omniplex, so we loaded up in his favorite birthday present...our new van!
He is seriously so excited about this new van and has told everyone about it...including his speech teacher and his OT. He also tells most people how we didn't get the silver one because it smelled like smoke and cat pee...

He bossed everyone around at the Omniplex and made sure he tackled all his favorite activities. 
After awhile he wanted to get back in the new van and get some lunch. We asked him where he wanted to go and expected one of his favorites (Chick-Fil-A or IHOP), but just like he had surprised us the night before by picking Mazzio's, today he picked Arby's. 
An older lady was talking to him in line and he told her it was his birthday and he got a new bike from Gramsy and a new van and asked her where her car was...she was really nice to him and showed him where her car was. I just thought it was so cool all day how he knew it was his birthday and felt like a rock star. He told everyone he was four today and it was his birthday. 

We went back home and he got to ride his bike and skate while Porter went in for a nap. 
During his nap I built his Playmobil hotel we got him and he was excited to play with it when he got up. 
We wanted to go somewhere fun for dinner and ended up deciding on Pops. We even let this kid who never has coke to pick out any drink. He picked out a strawberry and loved it. 
After he ate, he got a birthday sundae and the hostess announced his birthday which he reacted to with utter amazement. 
After dinner we headed home for baths, new jammies and our current bedtime story, "Go Dog Go". 
On Thursday we went to GG's house and she gave Paxton a remote control monster truck and a big brother t-shirt. He asked to put his shirt on immediately and spent the rest of the visit slamming his truck into walls and furniture and trying to figure out how to steer. He loves it! He played with it so much that the next morning, the batteries were dead!

A few days later, Grandpa Mark brought over his last birthday present...a new Jeep for 2 riders!! He and Porter have been having a blast.