Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend always feels like the last chance for a summer weekend. We tried to pack as many last minute summer activities in as we could. 

Saturday morning, Jared played football so the boys and I went to get some donuts. 
When the boys woke up from their naps, we ran some errands including a stop at our favorite place, Trader Joe's. 

On Sunday, we woke up and headed to the beach. 
This time we went to Topsail Island based solely on the fact that it had public showers. 
The boys love the beach and we are trying to take full advantage of the fact that we're only 3 hours away. 
It was neat to see Porter walking around this time. He played in the water off and on but his favorite part was just cruising around. Walking up to people and then walking back to us, picking up shells and throwing them, picking up handfuls of sand and throwing it....
We got a beach tent this time which was nice for the 3 minutes they sat still for a snack break. 
After we left the beach, we went to eat at Island Delights. They had ice cream too and we were all jealous of Porter's banana pudding ice cream...except Paxton who was perfectly happy with his "pink with sprinkles". 
On Monday, we had our friends over for a Labor Day cookout. The kids played in the pool and had a blast together. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

July/August Oklahoma Trip-Part 2

Jared had to go to Oklahoma in July for work, and we can't pass up a trip to see our family so we tagged along. 
The theme of all of our Oklahoma trips is always Braum's. We were in OK for 10 days and I think we went to Braum's 8 times...
While we were there, a cold front hit in July which is completely unheard of. It was 65 and rainy so we had to buy the boys some jackets. 
We had a lot of fun while we were there. We went to the Omniplex. 
For part of the trip, we got to stay in a hotel downtown. That meant hotel breakfasts which are Paxton's favorite breakfasts. 
And an awesome pool. 
The boys tried hummus...
Porter was hooked. 
We spent some time at Granny's. 
Granny V had some bubbles for the boys (and Regan) which were a big hit. 
We visited Uncle Josh and Aunt Candy. 
We went to White Water! Paxton was begging to go, so we did. 
We went to lunch with Nana/GG and took a four generation picture. 
We spent lots of time with Gramsy and the aunts. 
Porter played with the kitchen I used to play with at my great grandma's house and my mom played with it when she was little too. 
The boys took lots of pretend naps...some under Gramsy's rug. 
Paxton and Porter got to spend the night at Granny V's house one night while Jared and I had some adult time with my mom and sisters. 
The last day came way too fast, so we packed it full. We met my mom and Aunt Teighynne for a haircut for Porter and one last Braum's trip. 
Then we met Granny V, Jessica and Regan at Chick-Fil-A and then went to the pool. 
We visited Aunt MaeMae at Starbucks and I had my first drink with my name spelled correctly. 
After naps, we hung out with Grandpa Mark while we packed our stuff, then we met Granny V for one last dinner of good Mexican food at Pepe's. We headed to the lake house that night to cut down the 18 hour drive. 

The next morning, we hit the road. 
Somehow we ran out of room for the pack and play so Jared had to sleep with Paxton and I had to sleep with Porter...needless to say, nobody got much sleep. 
I think we were all a little glad to be back home in our own rooms and beds, even though we were sad to leave. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Paxton officially started preschool yesterday. He went two times in May before the year ended, but this was his first day for the actual school year. 
When we got to school, his teacher came out and got him and I told him I'd be back soon. As I was walking away he said "Wait Mommy, I need a hug!" I turned around and gave him a hug and told him bye again. Then as I was walking off he said "Wait Mommy, I need a kiss!" So of course I gave him a kiss. Then he hugged my legs and said "I love you so much" and my heart melted. 

After we picked him up (with a new truck and tractor), we met Ben at Goodberry's for some first day of school ice cream. 
Ben had plain vanilla ice cream, so Paxton shared his chocolate with sprinkles with Ben. 
(Paxton also threw his brand new truck and tractor, Porter's pacifier, Ben's cars, and Emeline's sippy cup in the fountain but we don't have to talk about that.)

I think he had a fun first day. He talked about how he stacked the blocks, played with a monster truck and made the "p" sound so he said we would go back next week if we buy him a fox backpack.