Monday, March 16, 2015


Now that we are back in OK, we get to make frequent trips to Dallas to see our favorite Texas friends. This weekend was our first time to head south in over a year!

We got in late Friday night and the boys were so excited to sleep at a hotel...

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to downtown McKinney for brunch and a St. Patty's day festival. Since the festival was about to start, we had to wait almost an hour for our table so we left the husbands to wait for the table and we took the kids to see some shops. 

Paxton and Blakely seemed to remember each other and were chasing each other around as soon as their eyes met. 
After an amazing brunch and a little bit of festival fun, we dropped everyone off at the Thompson's house for a nap (well only Porter took a nap...) and Tabatha and I headed to ikea. It was so nice to catch up kid free and just browse all the cute stuff! Our husbands were texting is asking us where we were, so we knew we had stayed too long. We gathered everyone up and went to Mooyah for hamburgers. Paxton and Blakely had missed their naps because they were too busy playing together, but they made it through dinner. After dinner, Paxton and Blakely wanted to play outside more and spent most of their time doing this on the swings:
Porter got to play too, but anytime he got too close to the big kids they would tell him to go away. He didn't seem to care. 
He was mostly interested in the kitty anyway. 
Then they got to do their favorite thing, a joint bath. Porter crashed this year...but he splashed too much and had to make a quick exit. 

The next morning, we hit ikea and then met up with Tabatha and Blakely (Ryan had an early flight) for some donuts. 
We had so much fun with our friends and we're so glad we live close enough to be able to make quick visits!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Collection of Short Stories

When it's 60 degrees the day after a snow storm, you're left with giant mud puddles...and when you have two little boys, that only means one thing...
Obviously mud splashing means a warm bath and a load of laundry, but it was all worth it because they had a blast. And now anytime the boys see the tiniest drip of water falling from our roof, they want to go splash. 

I got the boys shirts that reminded me of their first matching outfits, so we recreated the picture we took back then. 
My boys are huge! And in just a few months Porter will be the same age Paxton was when Porter was born! That's crazy to me because Paxton seemed so big when Porter was born but Porter still seems like a baby to me. 

On Friday we were hit with another snow storm. The boys were just as happy. 
Granny V even came over on Saturday and played in the snow with them while Jared and I hit the gym. 

We have been treating the boys to donuts kind of a lot lately...
...but they love them so much!!

Paxton and Porter were playing together one morning while I got ready and started yelling that they were stuck. I ran in Porter's room and found this:
They weren't stuck at all. 

Friday nights are pizza and movie nights and we love them. As we were finishing up our pizza, Paxton turned to Jared and said "Ja-wed, Porter colored on the tee-ble." Jared said "umm, you call me Daddy!" Unsatisfied, Paxton turned to me and said "Cait-yun, Porter colored on the tee-ble". Apparently we are on a first-name basis with our 3-year-old. (Porter accidentally colored on the table while we were coloring like 5 days before was totally not a big deal and wiped right up so we're not sure why it was even something he brought up...)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentine's Day

Paxton was really excited for Valentine's Day this year. I'm not sure why because I don't think he understands what it is...but we talked about hearts and how they mean "I love you" and other ways to show people love so he was excited when he woke up Saturday morning and it was here! 

We got the boys a few tiny Valentine's Day presents just for fun. Paxton got a new pair of pajamas with feet because that's all he will wear right now and a jeep with a trailer because that's his favorite thing. Porter got a book and pair of bunnies to play with in their Peter Rabbit house. 
After a healthy breakfast (chocolate croissants), we went outside to play. Paxton finally mastered pedaling his trike!! Our neighbor came over to play and brought Paxton a guitar and they jammed out together for about 18 seconds. 
Then Gramsy came over and brought the boys presents (wow, no wonder Paxton was excited). They loved their cars, balls and 101 Dalmatians movie!

After their naps, the boys got to go play at Granny V's while Jared and I went out. 
We joined the gym by our house and worked out together, then came home and got ready in peace and went out for drinks and appetizers at Louie's and then to Interurban for dessert. We loved it! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to a thin layer of sleet on the ground. The boys thought it was snow and started asking to play in it as soon as their eyes opened. After breakfast and bundling up, we headed out. 
Porter was less than thrilled when he realized it was hard and slippery. 
Paxton thought it was awesome. 
Porter couldn't control his emotions long enough to play so he went inside with Daddy. 
Paxton and I used a storage bin as a sled and Paxton zoomed down the driveway over and over. 
Porter came out for a turn but he still hated it...
It was really cold so after about 30 minutes, Paxton and I had had enough. Pax and Porter took a warm bath while sipping some hot chocolate. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Parks, Picnics, and Play Dates

The weather here has been gorgeous the past several days and we have been soaking it up as much as we can. Now that we have a backyard again(!!) we are outside every chance we get. The boys are loving picnic lunches out there. 
We have also been re-visiting all our favorite Edmond parks. 
Paxton enjoys them a little differently than he did when we were here he can climb to the highest parts and go down the biggest slides. 
And as much as I want to stand under him, ready to catch him, my time is mostly spent chasing my little runner. 
They've recently discovered holding hands. Paxton loves it because he can drag Porter wherever he wants to go. 
Today we went to a play group at the Edmond Historical Society. They have a kids' area that was pretty fun. My favorite part was the jail...
But the boys preferred the train...
And of course we've been hanging out with Baby Brooks whenever we get a chance. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last Sunday

Porter woke up from his nap before Paxton and was on a comedic roll. 

He was yelling for me to come get him. When Paxton wants something, we are working on having him ask nicely so he will demand it, then we'll say "ask nicely" and Pax will say "Ask nicely. Can I have some milk please?" So Porter is yelling "Mommy, OUT!" Then he pauses and yells "Ask nicely! Mommy I want out please!"

Once he was up, he was running around like a crazy man and then suddenly he stopped and was still so I asked him "you okay bro?" He said "No, I stuck" then he wiggled his booty and yelled "BLAST OFF!" And took off running. 

Jared was playing his xbox game and Porter was watching him. Even though the guy looks nothing like Batman, Pprter thought it was so he was narrating the game and calling the guy Batman. He would say "oh no! Batman fall down", "whoa Batman!", "Batman running". It was hilarious. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Paxton and I have been working on making letters for several months now, but he mostly just makes random lines while he says the letter. He has also been struggling to make a circle. For some reason, he had a breakthrough today!

We were drawing together on the chalkboard and I was showing him how to make different letters. Usually, he is distracted and doesn't pay very good attention, but today he was focused. When I told him how to make an M (up, down, up, down), it clicked. He made one immediately. Then I told him to make a circle, expecting him to make his awkward scribble he usually makes, but he made a perfect circle! We followed it with a second M and lots of celebrating when I told him he spelled MOM!
We went back to the chalkboard after lunch and he wrote MOM again and we worked on P for Paxton. Then he wanted to draw a person, so I drew one while he copied me. Again he had laser focus and actually tried. He ended up with a pretty decent looking stick man!
I think we might be finally turning the corner from the terrible threes. He is starting to cooperate more and he is enjoying learning new things. I'm so proud of my tiny big kid!!